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Refractive Surgery

Clinicians in this service treat refractive errors with precision laser surgery and specialised lens implants.
The refractive surgery team uses precision laser eye surgery techniques and specialised lens implants to correct focusing problems such as short sight (myopia), long sight (hypermetropia), irregular focus (astigmatism) and loss of reading vision (presbyopia).
This type of surgery is available for NHS patients only if they have focusing problems that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. Such problems are usually caused by irregular focus (astigmatism) or unequal focus (anisometropial) which can complicate corneal transplant or cataract surgery.Dr. Hardia Eye Hospital is provide best Refractive Surgery in indore, India

What types of laser refractive surgery are available and what is best for me?

Conventional LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) can correct short sight, long sight and astigmatism, accounting for around 95 per cent of refractive error. Wavefront LASIK tackles the remaining 5 per cent of defects and many consider that it offers better results. PRK and LASEK are alternatives the recovery period is longer than for LASIK, but might be safer if your cornea is relatively thin.

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